Absolutely Mad On Tools

Interesting Tools for Engineering, Construction and ForestryPhoto by Gabriel McCallin on Unsplash

Interesting tools have always fascinated me. Tools have been a part of my life since my childhood; I learned to use them before I knew how to read or write.

Some people learn to be an engineer others just get born that way… I’m certainly one of the latter!

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Some might call it an obsession; my family for instance! To me acquiring interesting tools is simply a pleasurable pastime. I do wonder exactly what I’m likely to do with those spring compressors bought 20 years ago and only used twice!

The thing is that I know I’m not alone. To many engineers and those with a technical mind, new tools are like the tinsel and glitter on a Christmas tree. You can see their faces light up with pleasure as soon as they enter a tool shop.

The engineering, construction and forestry industries use the most amazing tools. From small hand tools to huge industrial tools there’s always something to catch your attention.

I’ve grouped the interesting tools I like to use best or would love to own into a few simple sections to make navigation easier:

Information about Interesting Tools you’ll find here

Where I can I’ve added sections on using the tools I list and also sections on maintaining them. Each tool is accompanied by a set of information sections:

  • A short review of opinions from across the web.
  • Details of well known problems and issues.
  • Technical data to help with repair and maintenance.
  • Links to available spare parts and consumables.

I hope that you find the information you’re looking forward. If not then please contact me and I’ll be very happy to find and add relevant content wherever it is possible.

Interesting Machine
Photo by Isis Fran├ža on Unsplash