Absolutely Mad On Tools

Some people learn to be an engineer others just get born that way… I’m certainly one of the latter! Tools have been a part of my life since a very young age, and I was taught to use them before I learned to read and write.

Now some might call it an obsession (my family for instance!) but to me acquiring interesting tools is simply a pleasurable pastime… Although I do wonder exactly what I’m likely to do with those spring compressors… bought 20 years ago and only used twice!

The thing is that I know I’m not alone, to many engineers and those with a technical mind, new tools are like the tinsel and glitter on a Christmas tree. You can see their faces light up with pleasure as soon as they enter a tool shop.

I’ve grouped the gas power tools I like to use best or would love to own into a few simple sections to make navigation easier:

Where I can I’ve added sections on using the tools I list and also sections on maintaining them.