Gifts for Engineers

Engineer at WorkPhoto by Science in HD on Unsplash

Great Ideas – Gifts for Engineers

You’re stuck? Looking for ideas on gifts for engineers, because the engineer in your life is absolutely impossible to buy for.

They love practical things, but buying tools as a gift is a minefield. It’s too easy to buy completely the wrong thing.

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You want a gift that makes them stop in their tracks.

A fascinating gift that leaves them utterly speechless.

I can’t promise that any of these gift ideas are actually the best gift for the engineer in your life. But they’re all fascinating in their own way!

Engineering Art

Are you looking for a great gift for an engineer who also appreciates art? That’s not an easy combination, but is adequately filled by the Steampunk movement of fashion and art.

Gifts for Engineers - Steampunk Telephone Lamp
Photo by Johnny Briggs on Unsplash

Steampunk art often takes a modern device and blends it with a mixture of Victorian style steam powered engineering. The results are remarkable, visually entertaining and utterly fascinating.

Of course these objects aren’t for everyone. But engineers are attracted to pipes, valves, switches and dials like a moths to a flame.

Whatever you are looking for there’s something to catch your eye on eBay. Whether it’s a tactile object, a useful lamp or a visually stunning wall hung canvas, there’s certain to be something here to suit.

I’ve created links to eBay searches to help you find inspiration from the objects and items for sale in Steampunk and Cyberpunk art categories. Take a look, see what you can find from gifts for engineers.

Steampunk Ideas on Gifts for Engineers

Steampunk Lamp
Steampunk Lamps
Steampunk Sculpture
Steampunk Sculptures
Steampunk Art
Steampunk Art
Cyberpunk Lamp
Cyberpunk Lamps
Cyberpunk Sculpture
Cyberpunk Sculptures
Cyberpunk Art
Cyberpunk Art

Marble-ous Engineering

Marble machines make excellent birthday or Christmas gifts for engineers.

Ingenious marble machine designs: some self-powered, others battery powered but all involving marbles and runways will relax and entertain busy minds.

Gifts for Engineers - Glass Marble
Photo by The Ian on Unsplash

Marble machines feature glass marbles directed to roll around inclined runways formed from every day materials, eventually being caught before rejoining the cycle.

Most marble machines feature an elevator to raise the marbles to the beginning of the marble run. Elevators may involve moving wheels or helical lifts that might be powered by hand or a motor.

Marble runways can be simple wooden tracks featuring bumps, curves and corners. Other designs might include pipes and chutes and are only limited by the creators imagination!

Marble machines are available in kit form. Engineering enthusiasts can get the buzz of building the machine and the entertainment of watching it work. It’s definitely on the the list perfect presents for engineers!

Marble Run Gifts for Engineers on eBay

ROKR Marble Run
ROKR Marble Runs
Spacerail Marble Coaster
Spacerail Marble Coasters
Kids Marble Run
Kids Marble Runs

Irresistible Tools

Buying tools for keen engineers is a minefield. Chances are that they’ll have a very specific preference for all of the tools they buy.

So what do you do? There is one choice where you really can’t go wrong. Folding multi-tools that fit in a pocket are always welcome. They’re really handy for fixing a problem in a tight spot!

Photo by Hayden Scott on Unsplash

Multi-tools are an excellent multi-purpose gift for an engineer. Small enough to keep in a coat pocket and oh so very useful when you’re in a tight spot.

There’s a wide range to choose from. Top brands like Leatherman, command a top price but you get the best quality and a tool that can last a lifetime. Other options fit smaller budgets and are often still well made and fit for purpose.

Each multi-tool will sport a variety of fold-out tools. The Leatherman Wave boasts: pliers, wire cutters, crimp tool, wire stripper, knife, serrated knife, saw, scissors, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, file and small, medium and large screwdrivers. It’s amazing what can be packed into such a small space!

Features to look for are a good range of tools, stainless steel construction and a carry pouch. A multi-tool with these features will be useful, long lasting and safe to keep in your pocket.

Multi-Tool Gifts for Engineers on eBay

Keychain Multi-Tool
Keychain Multi-Tool
Bracelet Multi-Tool
Bracelet Multi-Tool
Unbranded Multi-Tool
Unbranded Multi-Tool
Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool
Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool
Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool
Leatherman Surge Multi-Tool
Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool
Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool