Gas Power Tools

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Gasoline Powered Tools

Construction, landscaping and other outdoor work will often take you far from a convenient nearby power outlet. The job still needs to get done as efficiently as possible, and this is where gasoline powered tools really come into their own.

With all gas powered tools you absolutely MUST take care and make sure that your working area is well ventilated. Exhaust fumes from gas powered devices can easily build up in confined spaces with dangerous and even fatal results.

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Types of Gasoline Powered Tools:

Portable gasoline generators:

Provide electrical power for lights and small power tools anywhere and everywhere.

Cut-off saws:

A gas powered cut-off saw is the ultimate tool for getting the job done efficiently and quickly (but noisily!!). A cutting disc attached to a small engine makes this tool high powered and highly portable.

Brush cutters:

When a garden is completely out of control then a petrol driven brush cutter will soon bring it down to size. Be careful to keep this tool away from plants, shrubs and trees that you like… it can’t discriminate between your wants and your weeds!


Another big boys toy and an absolutely lethal one in the wrong hands. Makes light work of timber cutting whether you’re making firewood or felling trees. It’s essential to get proper training and the right safety gear to use a chainsaw, as my brother always says “you never have a little accident with a chain saw….” Don’t say I didn’t warn you!