Sachs Dolmar 309 Cut Off Saw

The picture at the bottom is of my Sachs Dolmar 309 cut off saw, if you think it looks a bit rough and dirty that’s because it is, in fact I cleaned it up especially for the photo!

It’s a well trusted machine that always starts and always cuts. But that’s about it for good points!

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On the downside it doesn’t cut quickly, you have to persevere with it.

The thing rattles and shakes your hands and arms, it handles like an angry cat… this machine was built long before manufacturers worried about vibration reduction systems.

It burns fuel like it’s going out of fashion and blows smoke whatever mix you try, in fact it’s about as environmentally friendly as a World War II Army tank…

Having said all of that it’s definitely my favourite cut-off saw, it was originally my fathers and it was kind of left to me in his will, I’ve almost sold it half-a-dozen times but always change my mind at the last minute.

I guess I have some sentimental attachment to it despite it’s old age and condition! Maintenance of a Sachs Dolmar 309 is easy too.

General Technical Specifications
Model Name309
Engine TypeTwo-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder
Engine Capacity70cc 4.2cu in
Cylinder Bore47mm 1.85in
Piston Stroke40mm 1.575in
Spark Plug TypeBosch WSR6F
Spark Plug Gap0.51mm 0.020in
Carburetor TypeTillotson HS diaphragm type with vibration type governer
Fuel Mixture40:1 using Sachs-Dolmar branded two-stroke oil