Chainsaw Safety Equipment

Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmet

You can’t overstate the importance of using chainsaw safety equipment when operating your saw. Did you know that the average chainsaw injury of a professional logger requires as many as 110 stitches? It’s not a pleasant thought is it?

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Safety records of professional chainsaw logging operations show that fewer injuries are sustained when chainsaw safety equipment is being used.

So whether you are an occasional or a professional chainsaw user, stay safe and wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Where to Buy Chainsaw Safety Equipment

It’s good to know that both Stihl and Husqvarna have their own range of branded protective equipment. Maybe you prefer not to pay big brand prices? Rest assured, there’s a wide range of other products available on Ebay and other internet sites. Check out some Ebay products and prices here.

Chainsaw Head, Face and Eye Protection

Wearing a hard hat with a visor or safety goggles is essential. The combination will protect your head and shield your eyes and face from flying debris.

Chainsaw Helmets on eBay

Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmet
Husqvarna Chainsaw Helmets
Stihl Chainsaw Helmet
Stihl Chainsaw Helmets
Chainsaw Helmet
Chainsaw Helmets

Hearing Protection

Ear defenders prevent hearing damage. They are important because even a good quality chainsaw will be loud! Noise-induced hearing loss is a serious risk if you use a chainsaw regularly. Regular exposure to sound at greater than 85 dB can affect your hearing or worsen existing hearing loss. Your chainsaw could be as loud as 110 dB putting your hearing at risk. There are three things you can do to reduce the chance of permanent hearing damage:

  • Switch to quieter equipment if possible
  • Take regular breaks so you’re not exposed to loud noise for long periods
  • Use hearing protection, such as ear muffs or earplugs

Hearing Protection on eBay

Husqvarna Hearing Protection
Stihl Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection
Other Brands

High Visibility Clothing

Forestry work and tree harvesting is particularly dangerous work. The confusing background of a wooded area, combined with variable light conditions are a recipe for disaster.

It’s vitally important that you are kitted out in hi-visibility clothing while you are working. Being seen is being safe when there are other people and machinery working around you.

Your choice of clothing will change depending on the weather. For your own comfort and safety choose weather-appropriate clothes that provide high visibility.

Hi-Vis Clothing on EBay

Hi-Visibility Chainsaw Safety Jackets
Hi-Vis Jackets
Hi-Visibility Chainsaw Safety Trousers
Hi-Vis Trousers
Hi-Visibility Chainsaw Safety Vests
Hi-Vis Vests

Chainsaw Safety Boots

Outdoor work can be hard on your feet. Working with a chainsaw and heavy timber adds even more risk. Kit yourself out with strong steel toecap boots to give your feet the best protection.

In normal weather and conditions a lace up leather boot will keep you safe and dry. A steel toecap will protect your feet from the impact of heavy falling objects.

In foul weather and muddy conditions keep dry by choosing a waterproof wellington boot with steel toecaps.

Chainsaw Safety Boots on eBay

Chainsaw Safety Boots
Chainsaw Safety Boots
Chainsaw Safety Wellingtons
Chainsaw Safety Wellingtons

Chainsaw Chaps

Wear chainsaw safety chaps to protect your legs from a moving chainsaw chain. These garments are made from cut-resistant material that can stop a fully-throttled chain from sawing deep into your leg!

In the event of an accident where the chain contacts your leg, the material breaks up and binds the chain. This stalls the motor and saves you from further harm. A must-have for every chainsaw user.

Chainsaw Chaps on eBay

Stihl Chainsaw Chaps
Stihl Chainsaw Chaps
Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps
Husqvarna Chainsaw Chaps
Chainsaw Chaps
Chainsaw Chaps

Be Safe Not Sorry

People say that, “prevention is better than cure”. So be smart. Work safely with outdoor power tools because you health depends on it. You’ll be glad you did.