Stihl TS360 Cut Off Saw

Stihl TS360 Cut Off SawStihl TS360 Gasoline Cut Off Saw

The machine shown left is a Stihl TS360. As you can see the air filter and throttle handle have swapped places from the TS350, but that isn’t the limit of the changes.

The TS360 also boasts a slightly larger capacity engine than the early TS350 and you can see that this model is fitted with a water system with standard hose fitting, cool blades last longer and cut better.

The water system dramatically reduces dust too making this machine easier to use for the operator, although if you’re expecting an anti-vibration system then you’re out of luck with the TS360, that’s an innovation meant for later machines.

You can follow the same maintenance tips for the Stihl TS360 as the TS350.

General Technical Specifications
Model Name Stihl TS 360
Engine Type Two-stroke, air-cooled, single cylinder
Engine Capacity 60cc 3.68cu in
Cylinder Bore 49mm 1.92in
Piston Stroke 32mm 1.26in
Spark Plug Type Bosch WSR6F
Spark Plug Gap 0.50mm 0.020in
Carburetor Type All position diaphragm type with built in fuel pump
Fuel Tank Capacity Unleaded gasoline minimum 89 RON
Fuel Mixture 50:1 using Stihl branded two-stroke oil