Stihl MS 460 Chainsaw Review

Stihl MS 460 Studio Image

Stihl MS 460 chainsaw

The STIHL MS 460 first arrived in the catalogue around 2001 and wasn’t replaced until 2011. It remains a tremendously popular saw and it’s little wonder that it stayed on the product list for 10 years!

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Boasting a high power to weight ratio, it is able to easily cope with all but the biggest of farm and forestry work.

Who is the MS 460 suitable for?

The MS 460 was squarely aimed at the professional chainsaw operator, and was well received by the professional arborist community. It offers a reliable, light and powerful head unit that can be matched with a broad range of bar lengths.

It is even suitable for harvesting fairly large timber. Owners report that the saw is able to handle 20″ and even 25″ bars. This is important because it makes the saw a versatile tool for all the work you do. So you can just take one saw with you when you head out to work!

Stihl MS 460 chainsaw features

The STIHL MS 460 weighs in at 6.6 kg. Developing 4.5kW (6.0 hp) power output gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 1.5 kg/kW. So this makes it easy to handle and perfect for medium to high density forestry work.

The STIHL MS 460 is built with an early anti-vibration system. This should increase the time an operator can use it without getting tired. Some owners report that the MS 460 anti-vibration performs less well compared to it’s modern counterparts. It’s not a particular criticism of this saw but more an observation because anti-vibration technology has improved since this saw made it’s debut!

Stihl MS 460 availability to buy

A good used STIHL MS 460 has become increasingly difficult to find. At the time of writing this there were fewer than 10 machines listed for sale on eBay.

Sometimes this can be an indication that a particular model lacked durability and is therefore in short supply. I suspect this isn’t the case with the MS 460. It’s more likely that the machines are highly reliable and well loved by their owners! If you have a really reliable, easy to use chainsaw, why on earth would you sell it?

If you can find a used one, in good condition it’s probably going to be a great buy!

MS 460 spare parts and consumables

It’s a different story when it comes to spare parts because there are thousands of spares advertised on eBay. This is a good indication that many of these saws are still running, and being used and maintained regularly by their owners.

If you own a STIHL MS 460 or are considering buying one, you can be confident in a good supply of spare parts for years to come. I was easily able to find replacements for cylinders, pistons, crankshafts, mufflers, housings, clutches and oil pumps. Consumable spares are in good supply too, air filters and fuel filters are readily available.

Replacement parts on eBay

Stihl MS460 Cylinder and Piston Kit
Cylinder Kit
Stihl MS460 Carburetor Walbro HD-14C
Carb Walbro HD-14C
Stihl MS460 Carburetor Walbro HD-16C
Carb Walbro HD-16C
Stihl MS460 Air Filter
Air Filter
Stihl MS460 Ignition Module
Ignition Module
Stihl MS460 Spark Plug Bosch WSR6F
Spark Plug WSR6F
Stihl MS460 Spark Plug NGK BPMR7A
Spark Plug BPMR7A
Stihl MS460 Replacement Muffler
Stihl MS460 Replacement Oil Pump
Oil Pump

Stihl MS 460 manuals

Stihl MS 460 Workshop Manual
Workshop Manual
Stihl MS 460 Operators Manual
Operators Manual

Stihl MS 460 chainsaw specification

Model NameStihl MS 460
Engine Typesingle-cylinder two-stroke
Engine Capacity76.5cc,
Cylinder Bore52mm, 2.05in
Piston Stroke36mm, 1.42in
Ignition TypeElectronic (breakerless) magneto
Spark Plug TypeBosch WSR6F (check eBay) or NGK BPMR7A (check eBay)
Spark Plug Gap0.5mm, 0.02in
Carburetor TypeWalbro HD-14C (check eBay), HD-16C (check eBay)
Fuel Tank Capacity0.8 litre
Fuel Mixture50:1 with Stihl two-stroke air-cooled engine oil
Weight6.6kg, 14.6lb
Catalytic ConverterN/A
Chain Lubrication TypeAutomatic oil pump
Oil Tank Capacity0.325 litre

Positive comments about the MS 460

The vast majority of comments about the the STIHL MS 460 are positive. It seems that you can’t go wrong with one of these saws. So get one if you can find one!

  • A brilliant saw, no problems with a 25 inch bar or a 20.
  • Excellent power to weight ratio, very reliable.
  • Great, strong saw, not too heavy.
  • The 460 is the best saw Stihl ever made! Light enough for small limb work, powerful enough for cutting firewood.
  • Best choice in the Stihl catalogue!

Negative comments about the MS 460

Very few negative comments about this saw, probably because owners just love them!

  • Anti-vibration system is awful. Otherwise a great saw!
  • Fuel consumption sucks. (only one owner said this!)

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