Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Studio ImageHusqvarna 455 Rancher Studio Image

Those who do a lot of wood cutting would definitely appreciate the Husqvarna 455 Rancher.

Made with landowners and the occasional wood cutter in mind, this chain saw packs a real mean punch.

At 5.8 kg with a power output of 2.6 kW, it is not only useful for simple trimming but can cut through sizable hardwoods such as beech, maple, alder and ash too.

The chain saw also comes with distinct felling marks for increased work precision.

Besides being a power machine, the Husqvarna 455 chain saw also showcases many cost-effective elements.

The X-Torq system which can be found in all Husqvarna?s mid-range models, results in up to 20% less fuel consumption and 60% lower emissions.

An adjustable oil pump allows users to make modifications to the chain lubrication accordingly and the eco-pump stops the lubrication when the saw idles.

Other user-friendly features of the Husqvarna 455 Rancher include:

  • Smart Start®, a combined choke/stop control and a fuel pump for effortless starting.
  • LowVib® for less vibration and more comfort.
  • An air injection system to prevent the filter from clogging.
  • A side-mounted chain tensioner to make chain adjustments more convenient.

Wielding such a powerful tool for hours at end can be exhausting. That is why all Husqvarna manufactured power equipment incorporate ergonomic designs.

The front handle is angled at precisely seven degrees to make the grip more natural, whereas the chain saw itself is slim with a flat bottom and a high centre of gravity.

All this plus a good working posture – legs and arms bent, back straight and shoulders squared – will reduce fatigue effectively.

Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw Technical Specifications
Model Name Husqvarna 455
Engine Type single-cylinder two-stroke
Engine Capacity 55.5cc,
Cylinder Bore 47mm, 1.85in
Piston Stroke 32mm, 1.26in
Ignition Type SEM - Capacitor Discharge
Spark Plug Type NGK BPMR 7A or Champion RCJ 7Y
Spark Plug Gap 0.5mm, 0.02in
Carburetor Type Walbro - WTA
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.44litre
Fuel Mixture 50:1 with two-stroke engine oil
Weight 5.8kg, 12.8lb
Chain Lubrication Type Automatic oil pump
Oil Tank Capacity 0.32litre