Husqvarna 365 Chainsaw Review

Husqvarna 365 Studio ImageHusqvarna 365 Studio Image

When the chain saw was first invented, it resembled a huge, clumsy contraption that had to be lugged around by two brawny men. Operations were incredibly complicated and productivity was low.

Today, so much improvement has been made that even professional chain saws are relatively light, in spite of a high power output.

One great product that bears testimony to the rapid advancement of chain saw technology is the Husqvarna 365. This Powerful Robust Saw demonstrates all three essentials of a commercial chain saw; high power, low weight and great reliability.

Its heavy duty construction coupled with a high power output of 3.4 kW and a relatively low weight of 6 kg guarantee professionals value for their money.

The Husqvarna 365 chain saw also boasts many great features that not only enhances durability but makes it very user-friendly. Its magnesium crankcase and three-piece crankshaft structure contribute to a long service life even under heavy use in tough conditions.

Attributes that contribute to easy handling and maintenance include Smart Start®, LowVib®, an adjustable oil pump, a side-mounted chain tensioner, ergonomic grip, a quick-release air filter and a quick release air filter cover.

Here’s a little tip for those who want to purchase a high-end chain saw without having to burn a big hole in their pocket. Many people do not realize that the Husqvarna 365 chain saw is actually very similar to the 372 XP model.

The only significant difference lies in the piston and cylinder. So you can actually “upgrade” your 365 to a 372 XP just by replacing the piston and cylinder.

This is an especially good option if you can lay your hands on a used 365 model that is fairly cheap and still in good condition. Otherwise, the Husqvarna 365 chain saw is power-packed as it is.

Husqvarna 365 Chainsaw Technical Specifications
Model Name Husqvarna 365
Engine Type single-cylinder two-stroke
Engine Capacity 65.1cc,
Cylinder Bore 48mm, 1.89in
Piston Stroke 36mm, 1.42in
Ignition Type Capacitor Discharge
Spark Plug Type Champion RCJ 7Y
Spark Plug Gap 0.5mm, 0.02in
Carburetor Type Zama C3M
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.77litre
Fuel Mixture 50:1 with Husqvarna two-stroke engine oil
Weight 6.0kg, 13.2lb
Catalytic Converter No
Chain Lubrication Type Automatic oil pump
Oil Tank Capacity 0.42litre