How to Choose a Chainsaw Sharpener

It is important to keep your chain saw sharpened at all times as a dull chain not only lowers productivity but can turn out to be a safety hazard too.

So even though you barely use your chain saw, you still need to sharpen it as part of regular maintenance.

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If you aren’t very sure which chain saw sharpener to get, start off with a simple hand-held file.

It usually comes with a depth guide (to help you file at the correct angle) and can be bought at any local hardware store for a small price.

Round files are typically used; however, some professional or commercial chains that have square-ish teeth require the use of tapered files instead. You will also need a crosscut flat file to adjust the depth gauges on your chain.

Mid-range users who need to sharpen their chain saws frequently will find electric files more useful. Electrical grinders make sharpening your chain saw easier as you can restore a blunt tooth just by applying light pressure on it for a few seconds.

Unfortunately, it is still a time-consuming process as you have to sharpen each link individually. If you often use your chain saw out-of-doors, consider getting an electric chain saw sharpener that can also be battery-operated.

Professionals on the other hand, would do well to invest in a sophisticated bench-mounted or wall-mounted chain saw sharpener. Choose a sharpening device that features an automatic chain advance system for greater speed and precision. Although the price is a little steep, it is definitely a good buy for those who need to sharpen chains of various sizes daily.

No matter which chain saw sharpener you use, never over-sharpen your chain as it will make the chain’s teeth brittle.

Also make it a point to send your chain for professional sharpening regularly to make sure that all the teeth on your chain will be well-aligned and at the correct cutting angle.