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Basic Hand Tools

Every household and every tradesman really should have a basic set of hand tools. Even the smallest household repair can often be made 10 times easier if you have the right tool to hand!

It doesn’t take much thought and it doesn’t take much money to put together a simple toolkit. If you buy reasonable quality tools then they will also last well for many years to come… If you buy really cheap tools you’ll be lucky if they last through the first time you use them!

Here’s what I consider to be a basic hand tool kit:

  • A small ball-pein or cross-pein hammer.
  • A flat blade screwdriver set, a few popular sizes.
  • A Pozi-drive screwdriver set, a few popular sizes.
  • A pair of side-cutters.
  • A pair of long-nosed pliers.
  • A sharp craft knife.
  • A small hacksaw.
  • A small set of wrenchs, popular sizes.